As soon as you click the submit button to submit your content to the client, the content may no longer be edited by us or by you. Make sure you review your work carefully prior to submitting. After you submit your content, it is automatically sent to the client. The client receives an email notification, and an onsite notification that content has been submitted for their review. The client will login to their account and review your written content. They have the option of approving, rejecting, or requesting a few edits. If the client approves your content, the earnings listed will immediately be credited to your iWriter balance. If the client rejects your content, this means they did not find it satisfactory to the quality they were looking for. If this happens, you will forfeit the listed earnings and the project will be added back to the iWriter queue for another writer to give it a go. If the client requests for a re-write, you will receive an email notification and an onsite notification that there are a few changes needed to your piece of content that the client is requesting. Upon making those changes, resubmitting your work, and then getting it approved by the client, you will immediately be credited the earnings to your iWriter balance. The client will also be presented with a screen where they will rate their experience with you. 1 star is the lowest rating. 5 stars is the highest. The better written your content, the higher rating you will receive. The higher your ratings, the higher writer tier you will eventually be promoted to, which will allow you to select to write much higher paying projects.