iWriter allows you as a client to select between 4 different writer skill levels. These include: standard, premium, elite, and elite plus. The higher level of writer tier you select, the greater chance you will receive well written content on the 1st attempt. Standard level writers are a mix between brand new writers than haven't submitted enough work to have been promoted to the higher paying/skilled writer levels. Because of this, you could be paying very low prices for quality writers; however, there is a trade off. Standard writers also consist of lower quality writers that will never be promoted to higher skill levels, so you may have to reject more content upfront, before you receive what you're looking for and can approve. Remember, you never pay a dime until you click to approve a piece of content. So if it's not the quality you expect, do not approve it. The higher writing tiers you select, the lower the chance of you having to reject a piece of submitted content. This is because the higher level writers have written more content and have been reviewed by other clients, promoting them up the ranks. Choosing a writer tier is very subjective and varies depending on what you value.