You have 3 full days (72hours) from the time the content is submitted to you, to review (i.e. approve, request edits, or reject) thecontent . After 3 days and no response (i.e. review) is given for the content, it is automatically approved, and the amount is deducted from your account and paid to the writer. It's critical that you take the time to review any submitted content to avoid paying for a piece of content that you don't like. With iWriter you should never pay for content that doesn't meet your approval. If you request some edits, it's sent back to the writer, who will then make the changes and resubmit to you. If you reject an article, it's placed right back in the queue for another writer to write. You're charged nothing until the article is approved by you, or auto-approved after 3 days (72 hours).