After you submit your project request, your request is placed into the queue of total projects requested by all iwriter clients. iWriters will see your project request and choose to write your project. After they write your project, they will submit it to you for review, from within the iWriter platform. You will then have a message located at the top of your dashboard stating you have 1 article that needs your attention. You will need to review the article/content that was submitted to you. You have 72 hours (3 full days) to review the content. When reviewing, you have 3 options:

1. Approve

2. Reject

3. Request edits

If you click on approve then the article is yours and the funds are withdrawn from your balance.

If you click on reject, the article is placed back into the queue for another iWriter to write. You are charged nothing until you approve an article.

If you request edits, then the article is sent back to the iWriter, along with the specific edits you need them to make. They will then make the changes and re-submit the content back to you, and the review process will start all over.

Please note that if you do no like content you received, you should not click approve. Once you click approve, you are authorizing iWriter to give the funds to the writer. We cannot undo this, so be sure you get what you want before clicking approve.