The average turnaround time for a piece of content to be written is 12 hours. This number can vary quite significantly, though. Some projects can be written in as short as 45 minutes after submitting the request, while others can take up to 3 days. There are many factors that affect the time at which a writer will writer your content. Below are a few of the most common reasons that a project may sit in the queue longer than the average wait time:

1. The project instructions are either too complex and intimidating OR are too vague and confusing. Remember, your project is included with a large list of other projects submitted by clients. Writers get to pick and choose which projects they would like to write. Try to keep your special instructions concise, yet explain enough that a writer will know exactly what you need.

2. The topic might be too abstract. If you have a keyword phrase that nobody on the planet would have heard of, try to include special instructions pointing to examples that will help the writer.

3. If you chose a premium writer level, or above, you are able to enter the price you wish to pay for an article. The higher you're willing to pay, the more your project will stand out among the rest of the projects submitted to the queue.

4. Your project title might be too vague. Remember, you want to draw writer's attention, so choose a title that's engaging

If you've already submitted your project and any of the above relate to you. I would suggest retracting your project by following the instructions here:

and then re-post your project, following the guidelines listed above.