There are a couple of reasons this could happen.

1. The minimum of $20 earnings has not been reached. Payments are sent once the minimum balance of $20 has been reached. If you have not reached the minimum payout, the funds will be rolled over to the next pay period.

2. You may have selected "every other Wednesday" as a pay period. This means that you will be paid on a Wednesday. Then the following Wednesday, you will not be paid. Then the next Wednesday you will be paid, and so on. Prior to submitting a support ticket, make sure the Wednesday you're referring to is a pay day and not an off week.

3. Sometimes Paypal may delay a payment or payments due to restrictions with their mass pay feature. Please allow up to 24 hours, on the day you are to be paid, to receive your funds, prior to submitting a support ticket to notify us.

4. Because iWriter employs writers all across the globe, we are all on different time zones. For example, while it may be a Wednesday where you are located, it's still Tuesday here. So, again, please allow a full 24 hours prior to submitting a support ticket. Almost always, the solution is to be patient and a payment will come as expected.